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Tips to apply

We would like to give you a few tips to help increase your chances of securing a great job at SMT.

What will you be bringing?

Try to see the application process as an interaction enabling both parties to find out how they’re going to benefit. So, put yourself in the company’s shoes and imagine what might be expected from a new employee in this position. Consider the things you’re particularly good at, and whether SMT might be looking for those qualities. Are you the ideal candidate, and if so, why?

Be prepared

Make sure to be well-prepared for an interview. Check the website beforehand so that you know exactly what SMT does, and what makes it attractive to you as a potential working environment.

Know your abilities and wishes

Also consider your strengths before the interview. Take a good look at your CV so you can easily give examples illustrating both your qualities and your own wishes. What does your ideal job look like? This is the moment to get answers to those questions, so that both you and we know what we’re getting into.

Be yourself

Finally, the most important tip: just be yourself. SMT wants to offer an environment where people can be themselves and do what they’re good at, and that starts with your application.

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